Bishop A. Coleman

Bishop Shirley A. Coleman has been a Baptist minister for several decades delivering sermons and teaching Bible classes since 1991 and also pastor at the Spiritual Wholistic Ministries of Love and Faith since 1999. She served as alderman of 16th ward in Chicago from 1999 till 2018. Coleman made history as the only African American Chicago female alderman who is an ordained minister and pastor.

Bishop Shirley Coleman has two daughters, Shiryada, a mother of three and Stephanie, presently Alderman of 16th Ward Chicago.They served together as a mother-daughter team in Chicago City Council for several years.

As alderman, Coleman focused on issues of crime and poverty which are major problems in her ward. Coleman served on six committees: Budget and Government Operations; Committees, Rules and Ethics; Education; Finance; Health; and License and Consumer Protection (where she served as Vice Chairman).

Coleman as the pastor at the Spiritual Wholistic Ministries of Love & Faith has reached over 10,000 vessels through various outreach programs: prison ministry, food and clothing, and community outreach.

Bishop Shirley Coleman and Daughter Stephanie